Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Babies and Grandmas and Glaciers....OH MY!!

Here is a wonderful photograph. I could not be more proud of my son who is now giving his first daps. As you can see in the photogaph below. I am also very proud that my child is able to read.So Brandy, baby, grandma, and i all wet to the portage glacier yesterday!! An hour drive and a .8 mile walk and we're at this awesome glacier!!! Brandy got to test ride her new baby carrier strap thingy.This picture is from just after we left the Shire.Check out that badass hat. A great time was had by all and it only took a short drive to get to Alaska from Anchorage so grandma got to see what the TV shows are all talking about.

Here are some moose shots we just wanted to add. We went for a walk in Kinkaid park and these two fellas came out to say hi.


lisaanftbl1 said...

Its a wonderful thing having such a beautiful family

lisaanftbl1 said...

It was a great time!!!!!

Mom/Eileen said...

What a beautiful baby and Mom and family .. .congratulations from Eileen and of course "crazy KIPP!" I emailed Emily today to catch up to you ...Joan Stein also had a baby boy on July 2! We saw and photographed a moose in Newfoundland on our trip at the beginning of June with the family.