Friday, December 19, 2008

Count down to a Moose Free Zone!

We are getting ready to head back east. We have been counting this down for some months now. I am not sure what we miss more friends, family, dunkin donuts or living in a blue state. :) Here are a few pictures from the day to day happenings. A few moose got into our neighbors yard, we got a lot of snow, so much so that Matt had to shovel the deck because it was leaking through the garage... out the electrical socket! Matt got us a night at Alyeska for our one year anniversary and then we went snowshoeing. Oh and Brandy has been a baking mad woman lately while Matt has started brewing some more!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

4 months!

Today we are four months pregnant! Brandy finally decided to retire the heals and embrace maternity wear. Matt says his pants are a little tight and he left home with a button undone yesterday :) People who we didnt tell are noticing that i am pregnant and others seem to be a little more kind. So far I am loving being pregnant! We went to the Coast Guard Holiday party on Thursday, brought a jar full of m&ms and left with lotions... sigh. You cant win them all! We have been more social the last few weeks, it is really helping us get through the 5 hours of daylight in AK and single digit weather. We have so much to be thankful for right now that the daylight and weather isnt really phasing us! Loving life!!!! Missing our family! We cant wait to be in New England in a couple of weeks!