Monday, March 30, 2009

8 months and an eruption!

32 weeks are here... I cant believe I still have 8 weeks to go! Bryce has moved his way up to black belt in baby karate, sure to be an expert samurai ninja by birth! His favorite moves include kicks to mom's rib and middle-of-the-night stealth jab to the pelvis, combined with a leg cramp, its surely to wake his carrier and send her limping to the bathroom.

Mt. Redoubt has been erupting for the past week, according to the hubs it is 2.5 hours away but we got some traces of ash Saturday afternoon and decided not to go out. The ash is little slivers of glass, not good for your car or your 8 month pregnant wife.

Sleeping at week 30 was a challenge but we have finally figured out how to fit Brandy, belly, pillows and Matt (ranked in the priority that Brandy saw fit while trying to sleep) in the bed. Thankfully poor hubs has managed to stay on the team.

Speaking of the man in the myth, he has been absolutely positively amazing during this pregnancy. He listens to my aches, asks if he can do anything and is more than willing to help. I am such a lucky woman to have him. He is a quarter century old now (sounds much more dramatic than 25) and we celebrated with a week of going out to eat more than we normally do, him purchasing more zombie movies (ANNOUNCEMENT: If you ever fear a zombie attack, feel free to call us for information, I have no doubts that my husband is THE expert on zombie attacks and what to do in every scenario).

We saw the latest Nicholas Cage movie last night... I typically am a Cage fan, I thought ConAir was awesome... "Knowing" on the other hand... left me a little disapointed. The only good thing was that there wasnt a single typical Nicky Cage type one liner... I didnt think it was possible. So now you not only have read about my aches and pains but also my completely unsolicited opinions about the latest movies... hey at least I didnt tell you how it ended.

In exciting news it looks like my families are all going to make it out this summer, minus a few gems... Mom is here June 21st, Richards are here beginning of April and the Dutras make it here the end of April. I am soooo excited to see them and for them to meet the little guy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

29 weeks and still snowing!

We have had a fun few weeks! The Fur Rhondy was February 28-March 8. Brandy was able to run the 5K in the Frostbite Footrace in town (Matt had to drive to Whittier for a boarding that morning :( . We saw the Running of the Reindeer, big crowds and very difficult to see... picture the runningof the bulls but with people dressed in costumes being chased by horny male reindeer running towards a female reindeer in heat. I was not impressed, I thought it was kind of cruel... oh well. This Saturday we saw the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. The dogs were so happy running with their tongues wagging and little booties on their feet. We skipped the crowded downtown and found a spot on the trail at Goose Lake Park to wave and take pictures. Such an awesome experience. We feel really lucky to be able to see something like this. In mama/baby world things are great, still running, napping a little more and still gaining in size! Bryce is more active than ever. Dad is very supportive and must be the most amazing man in the world, we are very lucky to have him. Love love love! 11 weeks to go and we are so excited, very excited that the fam will be out here this summer!!!!