Monday, June 29, 2009

5 weeks, 2 birthdays and 1 very missed LTJG

First, our apologies for the two week lag in pictures! We have had a busy two weeks... Our good friends the Sarah and Chris Nichols departed for PA so after a few evenings with them and a cookout with some of the finest from Sector Anchorage, Brandy's mom arrived at midnight on the 21st, sickness in tow :( She was very willing to spend the first few nights of her visit in a hotel so that the little one didnt get any germs, what a nice grandma (especially since she is BABY CRAZY and really wanted to spend as much time with the baby as possible!). Matt had to go to the Bristol Bay area for an op a few days after she arrived... with no way of communicating with the rest of the world, including his wife and baby... the first time we have ever gone a day without communicating in some way, not easy! Brandy's birthday was the 27th... big 29! Matt got an awesome yurt in Eagle River as a present for the end of July!!!! Woohoo! So enough about that...more about the most handsome little boy in the world!

Bryce is holding his little head up 65% of the time! He is our little bobble head baby. He is starting to coo or "tell stories" as Grandma Curtis would say. We are getting about 4 hours of sleep at night then 2 hours after the first run, not too shabby! Bryce received his first bottle at week 4, no formula for this boy though... BM all the way :) He is in 3-6 month baby clothes already :( my baby is growing up! He is starting to recognize voices and loves to look at shapes and the light as it passes through the window, I think we have an adventurer who loves geometry on our hands! Yay! He is getting bigger by the day and is really the most lovable boy, parenthood is the best job I have ever had. Life is very very good.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Warning!!! Adorable Baby Ahead

Every once in a while comes a baby so cute you just can't help but make that little awwing sound when you see him. This ladies and that baby!!!! He's cuter than ever and we have had several close calls with smiles. It turnes out they were gas but i thought he was smiling socialy. I gave baby a bath today under the close supervision of Brandy who taught me to clean the cleanest parts first and the dirtiest parts last. You would think that would be enough direction but i guess i had a little confusion as to exactly which parts were the "clean" ones.He has a very cute little baby but just lik those diaper logos. He could practically be a diaper model. I suggested it to make a little extra dough but Brandy thought it would be a bad thing to encourage at such a impressional age.While both Brandy and I have brown eyes baby man seems to have something very different. Brandy tried to expain what a recessive trait is but i still think he's got blue eyes because Brandy drank a lot of water during the prenancy.He apears to be getting more and more aleart everyday. In fact i think he might have recognized me today!!! It also apears he has gotten more acustomed to the fact that the hands and fingers that make their way around his face and mouth blong to none other than himself.

Below we have the many faces of Bryce.
DistrustHappinessand PoopingReally cool onesie we foundWhen cute babies attck they take no prisoners!!!He's a little angel.He's the happiest baby on the block.Look what daddy tought him to do to mommy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby bath, outdoor concerts, and other shenanagans!!

So after 2 and a half weeks the baby is starting to rally gain some weight. This in the inverse of what is happening to Brandy but oddly parrallel to what is happening to Matt.....wierd. Anyway Bryce is still just a tiny tot and doesn't fit into a lot of his toys and such. But he will soon.
Bryce is very good at letting us parents and anyone else in earshot know when he has a wet diaper. It's pretty amazing.Brandy was able to administer Bryce's first bath this week now that his crazy stump thing fell off!!! It's was a good time for everyone until he got a little crazy and peed in the tub thing. Oh well.We try to include Bryce in all of our everyday activities. Here is Brandy teaching him how to shuffle. Which is pretty impresive when you take into account he just the other day discovered his arms.Dad has learned not to take cribbage advice from babies as he is beaten here in this picture again!!Then to the Ocean Festival where we saw live music and hung out with friends.He mostly sleeps or just dazes out.Spit up!We went to te Blind Boys of Alabama concert!!!! He had ear plug things!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bryce turns nine... days old!

Pictures pictures pictures. We apologize for being in a baby coma for the past week. We promise to keep up on the pictures from now on. Especially as we can already tell that he is growing by the day. We have been really busy with the little one. We have been walking everyday and trying to get out at least once a day. Bryce keeps Brandy up at night, with legitimate needs, diaper, food, etc but she secretly loves every minute she can be with him. Matt has been off work since the delivery and goes back next Monday. Brandy will miss him, so will Bryce. We cant believe how many diapers Bryce goes through!!!! He seems more alert with everyday, he is such a good boy. I am in a fog with the lack of sleep so please excuse the lack of detail and any nonsense. We wish everyone could be here with him.